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An Inevitability of Change

by May Jandayan

What is inevitable? Is it something we dread, anticipate or maybe something we accept? Do we truly believe that fate has already established a course for us and whatever we do will we ever escape it?  

According to the Oxford dictionary, 

inevitable /ɪnˈɛvɪtəb(ə)l/: (n) is an unavoidable situation; (adj.) certain to happen. 


Such a simple word yet it holds tremendous power and the act of certainty to its every syllable causes us to pause in contemplation. But do we accept this? Let us take a certain perspective on this finality. A famous blogger, Robert Scoble said, "Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity. 

 Such is the constant motion of the wheel – turning and turning from which no one can completely escape from, such as the life we live, they say. But how does it change or affect us? This alteration? This certainty. It may sway us in countless ways; it may influence us emotionally, in every expression and reaction; psychologically, it either lifts your consciousness or dispute everything you know and finally spiritually, where you examine your confidence in all that logical which is a contrasting viewpoint of the supernatural. 

Drawing from these perspectives of the human psyche are twenty-one artist bringing us their diverse expression of one's recognition of both the beauty and complexity of inevitability in the show titled “Inevitable”.


Artist reception: September 5 Thursday at 6pm


2131 Taft Avenue Pasay City


Exhibit runs until October 5, 2019


august 3 - 30, 2019

M Gallery, in cooperation with SiningMalaya Collective, presents a group exhibition titled “KASALO.”  Conceived and curated by noted Social Realist and abstractionist Eghai Roxas, the show is an artistic gathering of artists personally known to him, either personally or professionally, oftentimes both. Consequently, it is Roxas’s insight into these artists that allowed him to navigate through their various aesthetic persuasions and inclinations.

An intriguing word that Roxas sued to describe this group of artists is “renegade.” Though instantly conveying a negative connotation – the word after all is associated with a traitor, a defector, a deserter, a turncoat, a betrayer – it nonetheless crystallizes the spirit of rebellion which Roxas believes is a spur and stimulus towards path-breaking directions.

Participating artists are: Virgilio Aviado, Cid Reyes, Eghai Roxas, Mideo Cruz, Racquel de Loyola, Boboy Yonzon Jr., Mario Patdu, Eric David, Lito Mondejar, Arnel Borja,  Raul Jorolan, Bon Labordo, Andrew de Guzman ,Ed Arcilla, Heber Bartolome, Ted Camahalan, Hermie Pineda, Antonio Ventura,  Dennis Magdamo, Arnel Juan, Mike Garcia, Duane Pascua, Emmanuel Nim, and Rey Castaneda.

“KASALO” runs until August 30, 2019.

Malayang Manlilikha sa M Gallery:

March 28, 2019-April 25, 2019


Abstract Artists Group Exhibit

September 22, 2015 6pm



“There is no such thing as abstract art!” -Picasso


   Representational works may seem easier to identify with and therefore less demanding than non-representational works. But it is important to realize that visual forms, like audible sounds, evoke responses in us whether or not they represent subjects. In fact, subject matter is a minor element in many of the arts. Without significant form (that is, structure or design), subject is irrelevant.

   Subject, or subject matter refers to recognizable and nameable objects or themes represented in a work of art. Subject matter is the factual imagery to which the viewer responds, relying on personal associations related to his or her particular culture. Such interpretations of the subject may be relevant.  However, understanding the full significance of a work of art involves more than simply recognizing the objects portrayed. Our aim is to help you arrive at the point where you can be more consciously aware of your own responses, and can respond to visual form, with or without subject matter or verbal interpretation.

   Abstract art is based on preexisting objects, in which the natural image of the subject is changed or distorted in order to emphasize or reveal certain qualities not otherwise apparent. As a verb, “to abstract” means to take from, to take the essence of a thing or idea. In a basic sense, of course, all art is abstract because it is not possible for an artist to reproduce exactly what is seen.

   According to dictionary definition, abstraction can mean either (1) works that are totally nonrepresentational, without reference to natural objects; or (2) works that retain representational characteristics expressed in altered or generalized form.

   Nonrepresentational art (also called nonobjective and nonfigurative) rejects the representation of appearance.

   M Gallery takes pride in presenting the initial show of the Abstract Artists Group of the Philippines. To be sure, there have always been shows of abstract works, selectively chosen by personal whim or taste by certain dealers and galleries. But by “christening” this band of abstract artists --- coming from differing generations but all committed to a common passion --- a critical, major step has been taken: the recognition of abstraction as an undeniable unifying artistic force. Whether the assembly is non-hierarchical, non-traditional, non-formal, certainly non-card-carrying, all this is of no import. What matters alone is that each artist recognizes in the other a kindred spirit…..and knowing that both are driven to abstraction.

   Abstract Artists Group: Take a bow!


(Source:  Artforms  by Duane and Sarah Preble)

April Showers:

A Group Exhibit by the Saturday Group of Artists

April  25, 2015 6 PM - May 25, 2015



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