Elegant Pre-war Mansion Turns into M Gallery

The dynamic Philippine art scene welcomes a new addition to its roster of art venues with the opening of M Gallery. Its setting is an elegant pre-war mansion in Pasay City. It is a heritage house that has survived unscathed the holocaust of the war. Thus it may be said that M Gallery harnesses the memories of the past, the energies of the present and, with the emergence of a young active breed of Filipino artists whose works it will exhibit, the future.


   M Gallery’s founder is Jeane Enriquez Monteverde, whose pedigree in the art business can be traced to a significant figure in Philippine art: Mariano Enriquez. Prior to World War II, Enriquez put up the eponymous Enriquez Art Supplies. It was the first shop that exclusively offered imported artist’s paint materials. It was in this shop where all the luminaries of Philippine art, such as Fernando Amorsolo, Botong Francisco, Vicente Manansala, Hernando Ocampo, Cesar Legaspi, now all declared National Artists, used to purchase their art materials. To this day, Enriquez Art Supplies continues to serve the Filipino artist.


   By opening Galerie M, Jeane Enriquez Monteverde extends her iconic grandfather’s commitment to Philippine art by providing a new showcase for Filipino artists. As its initial offering, Monteverde presents its collection works by of Filipino masters, such as Manansala, Ocampo, Legaspi and Alcuaz as well as the masterworks of the so-called Amorsolo School, such as Gabriel Custodio, Cesar Buenaventura, Salvador Cabrera, Roger San Miguel, Oscar Navarro, Paco Gorospe and Cesar Amorsolo.


   M Gallery is located at 2131 Taft Avenue, near Buendia, Makati (beside EGI Building). For inquiries, call 02-551-6343 or 02-831-7260.

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